Warehouse Management

Fulfilling orders shouldn’t get harder as you sell more. Fulfil gives you the ability to keep up with your growing demand so you can get orders out the door and to your customers faster.

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Optimize your workflows to ship faster

Manual warehouse workflows and workarounds don’t scale. Optimize the way you want to pick, pack, and ship your orders out of your warehouse with features like batch and bin picking, barcode scanning, and automated picking routes to process orders faster no matter how many orders you have.

Reduce pick, pack, and ship errors

Mispicks and mispacks can be frustrating for you and your customer. With Fulfil’s custom pick, pack, and ship workflows, rules, and features, you can be sure that your customers receive the right order every time.

Receive inventory faster

When your receiving process is slow, your shipping times are slow too. Process inbound inventory faster with Fulfil’s end-to-end receiving features like purchase order management, returns management, and put away workflows to improve your shipping speeds.

Improve inventory visibility

Fulfil unlocks the ability to provide customer experiences like: buy in-store ship to home, buy online pick up in-store, and buy online return in-store. Give your customers the experience they expect with a true omnichannel experience.


Everything you need to scale your business, in one place


Reduce the amount of errors and time spent during your fulfillment process. Fulfil gives you the flexibility to optimize your fulfillment process from receiving to shipping.

Batch Picking

Organize how you pick products against orders. You can create customized groups of products based on your needs in order to optimize your picking process.

Configurable Batching Workflow

Batch shipments together based on your preferred criteria.
This can include a combination of:

  • Address type, validation status
  • Carrier or service
  • Sales channel
  • Customer
  • Destination (country, state, postal code)
  • Fulfillment method
  • Gift message
  • Line item (count, quantity)
  • Priority
  • Contents of shipping instructions

Powerful API Based Batching

API based batching workflows for sophisticated batching algorithms using REST API.

Multi Order Picking

Pick items across multiple sales orders in a single picking run

Shortest Pick Paths

Automatically send pickers on the fastest route through the warehouse


Use Fulfils EDI integrations to support sending and receiving information from big box retailers or suppliers. Optimize your processes by sending ASNs and generating SSCC shipping labels automatically.

Send ASNs Automatically

Send ASNs to EDI trading partners when items are shipped

SSCC Shipping Labels

Generate SSCC labels for packages and include information in ASNs to trading partners

Label Generation

Speed up your shipping process by automating your most common label generation tasks like rate shopping, future dating, bulk generating, and more. Create automation rules around these label generating features to optimize your shipping process even further.

Automate Rate Shopping

Automatically select the cheapest or fastest shipping method

Rate Shopping

Rate shop across multiple carriers. For USPS rate shop across box types as well to compare regional rate boxes.

Bulk Generate Labels

Bulk generate labels from UI or through automations. This avoids packers waiting for labels as they are pre-generated and available to packers.

Future Dated Labels

Generate labels with future dates after shipping cutoffs. This helps warehouses operating in late evening shifts generate compliant labels for the next day pickup.


Generate muti-package/multi-piece labels for shipments that span across multiple packages


Generate labels for 250K+ shipments/warehouse/day

Shipping Manifests

Generate carrier manifests seamlessly


Fulfil gives you the flexibility to customize your packing process to fit your operational needs..

Dedicated packing stations

Optimized packing station mode for dedicated packers to pack shipments with high throughput. This could be standard packing stations or automated equipment like auto baggers.

Scan products as they are packed

Scan products as they are packed to avoid mis-packs

Pack Reversal

Quickly reverse a packed shipment

Pick inter-warehouse and store transfers

Pick transfer orders to other warehouses or replenishments to stores

Restrict order changes after packing

Customer service teams have a realtime view into the packing status in operated warehouses. This gives customer service teams the visibility to make order edits before items are packed.


Fulfil gives you the flexibility to customize your picking process to fit your operational needs.

Scan products as they are picked

Scan products as they are picked from bins

Product alias barcodes

Scan UPC, EAN, SKU or custom barcodes

Identify lot numbers

Identify the lot numbers being picked to trace items for Organic, FDA or warranty tracking.

Configurable pick scan workflows

Supports mobile scanning with following workflows:

  • No scan required (paper workflow)
  • Product scan only
  • Bin and Product scan
  • Bin, Product and Tote (LPN) scan

Paper and Mobile workflows

Use a paper based workflow or a mobile workflow

One order at a time

Usually preferred for wholesale orders with 20+ line items per order

Single line item order batches

Batch orders with a single line item together to pick efficiently.

Optimized multi-order batches

Batch multi line item orders together with the most efficient pick path

Built on the fly bundles

Pick bundle components in batches and individual order picks

Pick different units of measure

Pick in case packs to pick multiple units at once

Inventory Control

Keep track of where your inventory is at all times. Fulfil gives you full control and visibility over tracking, counting, and storing inventory through its lifecycle.


Create, schedule, and perform cycle counts to keep your inventory counts accurate at all times.

Cycle counts

Perform cycle counts for each location. Upload manual counts or generate requests to count based on:

  • Selected products
  • ABC Analysis
  • Inventory Receipts
  • Inventory Levels
  • Zero stock
  • Last counted since
  • Random strategies

Scheduled cycle counts

Create templates for cycle counts for each warehouse based on:

  • Selected products
  • ABC Analysis
  • Inventory Receipts
  • Inventory Levels
  • Zero stock
  • Last counted since
  • Random strategies

Pause picking to count

Alerts pickers at a bin location about open cycle counts for the location. This allows pickers to perform counts as they are picking items from a bin.


Fulfil supports tracking inventory across multiple warehouses or inventory locations.

Transfer inventory between warehouses

Record inventory movements between warehouses. Generate shipping labels, scan and pick items and print commercial invoices for transfers between warehouses in differetn countries.

Automatic replenishment

Get recommendations for transfers between warehouses or use the replenishment planner to view current on hand levels, days of cover to plan inter warehouse transfers.


Streamline the way you receive inventory into your warehouse. Fulfil gives you control over how you process inbound inventory.

Supplier Shipments

Fulfil gives you the ability to manage shipments from your suppliers. You can manage the process of returning shipments, tracking shipments, receiving shipments, and paying suppliers all from one place.

Scan and receive supplier shipments

Scan items received from suppliers

Parallel receiving

Multiple warehouse staff can receive large inbound shipments in parallel

AP Invoice from receipts

Create draft AP invoices for 3-way match from the received quantity. This works well for domestic shipments where invoices are based on items shipped by suppliers.


Barcode received items that have no barcodes or have damaged barcodes

Cross-dock shipments

Cross dock items that were back ordered for specific customers. Fulfil releases shipments from waiting allocation to ready to pick when supplier inventory has been received for a back ordered item, avoiding the need to put-away cross dockable items.

Return to supplier

Return items to the supplier

Handle damages

Handle damages from suppliers at the receiving step

Separate put-away process

Separate putaway process that allows items to be split and put-away between overstock and picking locations

Receive from multiple POs

When suppliers send shipments with items from multiple POs, Fulfil allows receiving items from different POs of the same supplier

Reporting & Dashboards

Understand anything in your warehouse from inventory movement to process performance. Fulfil gives you the ability to create your own reports and dashboards to ensure you have full visibility into your operations.


Use Fulfils out of the box reporting or customize your own reports and dashboards to understand how your business is performing.

Cycle time reports

Track the number of days it takes to ship an order by warehouse

Tracking reports

Track all shipments until they are delivered

SQL Data Warehouse

Explore and analyze shipping data with the Fulfil data warehouse

Supplier performance KPIs

Track supplier performance including OTIF rates

Shipping costs

Explore shipping costs

Custom dashboards

Building custom dashboards using Fulfil's BigQuery backed data warehouse


Process and reconcile customer returns natively from within Fulfil. Fulfil gives you the ability to process the right financial transactions against the return while allowing you to keep track of inventory through the return process.


You can manage customer returns from end to end all in Fulfil.

Generate return labels

Generate pay on use return labels that customers can use to return items

Search by tracking number

Search return shipments by scanning tracking number when the RMA information does not exist

Partial receiving

Receive items partially if the customer creates RMA for multiple items but only returns part of it

Damage handling

Write off inventory directly at the time of receiving


Fulfil supports various inventory location setups so you can track and move inventory efficiently throughout its lifecycle.


Fulfil supports multiple inventory locations from within your warehouse. You can setup Bin storage rules and preferences to ensure that inventory is tracked accurately no matter where it is in your warehouse.

Preferred Bin Locations

Setup preferred bin locations for an item in each warehouse. The preferred locations are automatically selected when receiving inventory from suppliers, returns are put-away or when shipments are transferred in from another warehouse.

If you prefer dynamic locations, this is not necessary.

Overstock locations

Track pallet locations where items can be put-away without bins

Create/Import locations

Create multiple bin locations for new aisles/bays with an easy to use wizard

Bin location sequence

Setup a location sequence to determine the order of picking


You can route shipments between warehouses or to multiple warehouses.

Route shipments between warehouses

Split and route orders as separate shipments to multiple warehouses. This can be done automatically or manually. The warehouses could be operated, 3PL or a mix of both.

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We love the multiple channel support needed for selling products in multiple places and channels. Fulfil is a system worth looking into.

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Trent Banwart
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Fulfil is a key part of us being able to do our mission of saving lives and providing peace of mind for everybody. We would not be on same day shipping without Fulfil.

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Mark Mason
Director of IT

Automation through Fulfil has easily saved us 2-3x what we pay for Fulfil every year. After only 8 months into our launch with Fulfil, we had already recouped our costs for multiple years

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