Control Costs, Increase Production Efficiency, and Gain Greater Visibility into Manufacturing

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Integrated Manufacturing Workflows for Multiple Fulfillment Strategies

Create, manage, and track each step of your production processes in Fulfil, from sales orders, to fulfillment, and labor costing.

Fulfil's warehouse and production software capabilities.
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Key Features

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100% Open API

Customize Any Part of Production

Optimize any part of your production process, such as connecting to external planning tools to create production orders, watching production order statuses, or setting up design approval workflows with customers to authorize work orders.

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inventory management

Real-Time, Connected Inventory Control

Auto-generate lot numbers when production orders complete, track lot numbers for raw materials used, reserve inventory of raw materials before any production orders run, and track both raw materials and produced inventory in real-time. Then, ship inventory directly to another warehouse as an internal shipment as soon as its produced.

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integrated accounting

Automatically Track Costs During Production

Whether inventory is ready or WIP, get a full picture of costs and materials used. Fulfil tracks labor costs, actual material used from BOMs, WIP asset account values, and real-time weighted average costs. Plus, customer orders are automatically released as soon as production orders are completed to ensure you accurately account for costs.

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Now we have 100% visibility into our raw materials, which is huge and we're doing consistent cycle counts to track inventory.

Taylor Moody


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Production Control

Optimize Production Activities with Careful Management of Raw Materials, Work Orders, and More

Multiple BOMs

Manage multiple BOMs for each product in Fulfil.

Easy Substitutions

Set substitutions for individual inputs within a BOM.

Buildable Quantity

Track the availability of buildable materials required for each BOM by looking at: quantity available, quantity buildable, quantity available+buildable, or quantity forecasted.

Multi-Level BOMs

Create multi-level product recipes with subassemblies and nested BOMs.

Version Control

Manage different versions of BOMs and lock them against future edits.

Monitored Outsourcing

Route and track production against any outsourced work orders.

Set Multiple Routings

Set multiple paths (in-house vs outsourced) for each BOM.

Track Operators

Assign work orders to operators and then track the status of each.

Track by Inventory or Work Order Steps

Flexible, detailed tracking gives visibility into production at the completed inventory or work order level.

Track Time & Status

Evaluate the time spent on manufacturing steps, and get real-time production status updates at the floor level.

Easy Start/Stop UI

Allow operators to start and stop operations by scanning QR codes and using a custom UI for production processes.

Re-Work Orders

Easily rework production steps if quality issues are found.

Sales Order Visibility

For production orders for made-on-order items, related records are kept for the associated sales order and line item information.

Full Control of Production

Gain full control of the production process, from management of raw materials to the optimization of activities needed to produce your products.

Fulfil's production management dashboard.

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A snapshot of Fulfil showing various operators at different work centers.
production time tracker

Effortlessly Monitor Production of the Shop Floor

Stay on top of productivity across the team with a dedicated, touchscreen Production UI that allows staff to record their steps throughout the manufacturing process. Start, pause, and resume tasks as a shop floor operator, view personalization or customization request, or add notes.

A graphic displaying repairs and how easy it is to return shipments.

Easily Manage Repair Orders and Their Associated Costs

Create repair orders for warranty repair, handle removal of items and their associated issue refunds, add spare components, and easily invoice customers for components or services like labor or shipping.


Cut Down on Manufacturing Time with Dedicated Task Management Tools and Batching Capabilities

Easy-to-Follow Steps

Keep floor staff on track with a dedicated interface to record their production steps throughout the manufacturing process.

Flexible Task Tracking

Start, pause, and resume specific manufacturing tasks as a shop floor operator directly from the Task app.

Touch Screen UI

Leverage Fulfil’s dedicated touchscreen and mobile interface to manage operations and complete tasks.

Note Taking

Ensure no details are missed on tasks by adding notes to work orders while operations is in progress.


Allow floor staff to view personalization and customization requests from sales orders directly via the work order.

Flexible and Efficient Picking

Scan, pick, or manually record your picking during the manufacturing process.

Ready to Pick

Get a snapshot view of all production orders that are ready to run and need inventory of raw materials to be picked.

Scan to Pick

Scan and verify that the right raw materials are picked for production orders.

Produce at Scale

Easily meet demand by using production batches to create or assemble multiple orders at once.

A graphic that portrays blank inventory that could be produced into made-to-order goods.
etching & Engraving

Streamline the Process for Made-to-Order Goods

Send information from Fulfil directly to your laser and cutting tools with Fulfil’s API. Then, ensure orders are completed before either picking and packing with Fulfil's pre-picking and pre-packing Tasks.


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"Order Management tasks that used to take hours, now take minutes in Fulfil."

Katya Lotzof
Operations Manager, Caraway

"When you make demand planning decisions, you need to know what you have, you need to know what you’re selling, and we never got that right until we implemented Fulfil."

Jason Panzer
President, Hexclad

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"Leveraging Fulfil as a tracking tool to track our costs and forecasts is really important right now, especially when there is so much uncertainty in the supply chain."

Janaye Pohl,
Director of Operations, CORA

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