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Key Features

Inventory levels and inventory transactions
Real-Time Reporting

Understand Everything About Your Inventory

Track stock levels and inventory age across all warehouse and bin locations. Easily access a snapshot on all inventory transactions, their valuation, cost history, next available dates, and more.

An illustration of a warehouse worked doing inventory management.
Channel Sync

Accurately Manage Stock Across All Channels

Whether it’s a 3PL, warehouse, retail location, or your supplier, reduce error and manual work by sending and receiving inventory updates across all sales channels. Plus, prevent overselling by controlling inventory by channel with listing-level cutbacks and one-click replenishment tools.

Picture of a product with detailed product inventory information.
Inventory Planner

Accurately Plan 6 Months of Inventory in 15 Minutes

Automatically consider sales velocity, supplier capacity/ lead times, forecasts, and on-hand inventory when building inventory plans. Then easily act on these insights with pre-populated draft purchase orders.

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"We needed a system that could handle our exponential growth."

Mark Riskowitz

VP Operations

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Operational Efficiency

Organized Inventory is Fundamental to Efficient Operations Across the Business

Sales Orders

Commit and assign inventory to orders and shipments to prevent overselling.

Forecasted Inventory

Estimate forecasted inventory by considering all inbound shipments, and optionally, customer returns.

Buildable Quantity

Accurately estimate the quantity buildable for items that are made-on-order or built-on-the-fly, based on the item's corresponding input quantities.


Reserve inventory automatically for pending channel orders to prevent overselling and maintain your seller ratings.


Gain full visibility into inventory under production and raw material requirements.


Reduce inventory real-time from picking bins to allow quicker replenishments and cycle counting without freezing operations.


Automate bin replenishments and prioritize those that cater to outbound demand, keeping your team aware of where replenishment is needed based on quantity on hand.

Visual showing bin levels in a custom inventory structure.
Location Management

Structure Your Inventory Layout Around Your Needs

Regardless of where you store inventory - your warehouses, 3PL locations, DCs, stores, or supplier locations - keep track of your data in one place. At warehouses you operate, add bin-level organization and preferences to optimize picking and put-away times.

Track 3PL-Hosted Inventory Like It's In Your Own Warehouse

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A Fulfil product shot showing inventory movement
Inventory Movements

Easily Transfer and Track Movements by Locations

Reduce error by scanning the receipt of supplier shipments, easily track bin transfers between overstock and picking, or move inventory between warehouses.

Fulfil Status update for inventory adjustments
Inventory Adjustments

Inventory That’s Always Up to Date, No Matter Where

Create, schedule, and run cycle count requests based on categories, products, and warehouses. Run full counts or simply drill down to a single product or location for partial adjustments. Then, ship faster by leveraging RFID scanning to conduct counts.

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Specialized & Integrated Channel Strategies

Easily control inventory at the SKU level, and set channel-specific pricing.

Fulfil inventory management dashboard view with specialized and integrated channels strategies
Illustration of automation rules on fulfilment strategies.
Fulfillment Rules

Control and Automate Fulfillment Strategies at the Product-Level

Set default strategies on products, such as Drop Shipping, Make on Order, Ship from Stock, and more. Ensure seamless fulfillment by monitoring items waiting assignment, setting conditions to hold shipments, and automating the send of POs to suppliers.

Illustration of a clock showing real-time COGS
Real-Time COGS

Track and Report on All Inventory Costs

Pull current or historical costs on your products, including landed costs, product costs, COGS, inventory valuation reports, and more.


Make Data-Driven Replenishment Decisions

Previous Period

Build forecasts based on previous periods and growth factors.

Previous Year

Build forecasts based on prior year sales.


Sync with external forecasting systems and import forecasts over the API or CSV files.

Re-Order Points

Automatically create purchase requisitions, transfer requests, or production requests based on min and max order points.

Backorder-based Requisition

Fulfil allows you to automatically stay lean by ordering just enough inventory to fill the existing order demand.

Inventory Planner

Build plans for your team to review gross requirements, planned receipts, and more.

An illustration of a QA code showing lot/batch management.
Lot/Batch Management

Assign In-Depth Tracking for Compliance

Add lot numbers from vendors or create them in Fulfil to track regulated products for legal compliance, certifications, warranty, quality assurance or potential recall purposes. Automatically ensure inventory follows FIFO methods with lot-level expiry dates.

Illustration showing a warehouse worker fulfilling orders through an omnichannel experience.
Versatile Fulfillment

Give your Customers the Omnichannel Experience

Your customer wants to interact with your brand on their terms. Fulfil’s Inventory Management natively supports the ability for customers to buy-in-store-ship-to-home, BOPIS, and BORIS.

Illustration of warehouse workers fulfilling orders with bundles and kits.
Bundles & Kits

Easily Manage Buildable Inventory through BOMs

Easily manage bundle inputs and their substitutes, track and export buildable quantity for all inventory by channel, and seamlessly incorporate BOTF or production BOMs in Fulfil. These features also apply to bundles and kits associated to subscription orders.


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Have to Say

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"Order Management tasks that used to take hours, now take minutes in Fulfil."

Katya Lotzof
Operations Manager, Caraway

"When you make demand planning decisions, you need to know what you have, you need to know what you’re selling, and we never got that right until we implemented Fulfil."

Jason Panzer
President, Hexclad

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"Leveraging Fulfil as a tracking tool to track our costs and forecasts is really important right now, especially when there is so much uncertainty in the supply chain."

Janaye Pohl,
Director of Operations, CORA

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