Inventory Management

Just because your inventory is located in different places doesn’t mean you have to manage it that way. Connect all inventory sources to Fulfil in order to give your business the single source of truth and view into your inventory.

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Reduce manual effort to keep inventory synced

Additional inventory sources that don’t connect to your sales channels or main inventory source can create manual work and errors. Easily sync and connect any additional inventory source like 3PLs, warehouses, and retail locations using one of Fulfil’s direct integrations or our open API.

Prevent overselling and increase fulfilment rates

Relying on manual inventory updates to sales channels causes overselling and inaccurate order taking. Fulfil automatically syncs inventory information across each sales channel ensuring that every order can be fulfilled.

Greater inventory control across all sales channels

Limitations around inventory listings can stop you from executing your channel strategies. With Fulfil, you can control the inventory listing down to the SKU level including channel specific pricing. This gives you the control to execute channel strategies the way you want to.

Greater inventory control across all sales channels

Fulfil unlocks the ability to provide customer experiences like: buy in-store ship to home, buy online pick up in-store, and buy online return in-store. Give your customers the experience they expect with a true omnichannel experience.

Easily move inventory across the business

Tracking incoming inventory from a supplier, warehouse transfer, or store transfer can lead to inventory reporting. Ensure that all inventory is accounted for by accurately tracking and updating all inventory movement accordingly.

Location Management

Fulfill gives you the ability to track inventory no matter where it is. Whether your inventory is in transit, in another warehouse, or in a specific bin, you will always know where each piece of inventory is at all times.

Layout and Structure

Store and locate inventory anywhere in your warehouse. Customize the layout of your warehouse and how you structure your inventory data based on your needs.

Multilocation Support

Track warehouses, DCs, stores and even supplier locations where you keep inventory as locations

Bin level inventory management

Manage and track inventory at the bin level for warehouses you operate. This helps pickers know exactly where to go to find items. Use bin preferences to recommend put-away when receiving items.

3PL location tracking

Track and map 3PL warehouses as locations

Lot/Batch Management

Track serial numbers, lot numbers, bin numbers, and expiration dates all from within Fulfil.

Item Lot Tracking

Track items with batch or lot numbers. The lot numbers could be vendor assigned or created at receiving or manufacturing within Fulfil.

Enforce when lot numbers should be tracked

Expiry date tracking

Track expiry dates with lot numbers where necessary

Serialized inventory

Track inventory where serial numbers are required


Fulfil gives you the flexibility to control your inventory the way you need to. Control how you track, count, fulfill, bundle, and more with Fulfil.

Cost Tracking

Fulfil gives you the flexibility to track all inventory costs. Track landed and individual product costs in real time to help you understand your inventory value.

Track product costs

Use the integrated accounting to track true costs real-time

Track landed costs

Record and distribute landed costs like inbound freight and customs duties

Real-time COGS

COGS are updated realtime and visible from both products and financials

Inventory valuation reports

Report on month-end or inventory as of any day in the past in a format suitable to support line of credits or lenders that use inventory as collateral.

Cost history

Track historical changes to the cost of a product

Units of Measure

Fulfil allows you to customize the units of measure in which you receive and sell products allowing you to control your inventory accuracy.

Multiple units of measure

Use one of the many units of measure bundled with Fulfil or define custom units of measure to track inventory

Customize precision

Customize the precision of units to control the accuracy you need

Default units of measure

Setup a different unit of measure for purchasing (example: buy in case packs) and count internally in units while selling in units or in case packs.


Setup and customize different product attributes for your products in Fulfil.

Product options

Customize options on a line item - example: change toppings, length or color of an accessory without having to create new SKUs

Attribute sets

Setup attribute sets and require attributes on variants of a product


Fulfil gives you control over how you need to fulfill your products. You can set fulfillment rules for all or some products, automatically print shipping labels, and even hold shipments based all from within Fulfil.

Default strategy

Use one of the following default fulfillment strategies:
* Ship from stock
* In-store pickup
* Drop ship
* Back order
* Make on order

Fallback inventory

Ship from stock when usually drop shipped or back ordered items are in stock (ex: customer returned usually drop shipped items)

Label items

Print product labels including lot numbers

Drop shipping

Automatically send POs to suppliers to drop ship items when orders are processed

Hold shipments

Hold shipments based on conditions for automatic or manual release

Track consumables

Manage and track consumables

Bundles and Kits

You can create, manage, customize and track bundles/kits all from within Fulfil.

Buildable quantity

Track buildable inventory for kits and bundles


Specify substitution items for kit items

Subscription boxes

Subscription box specific features to allow substitutes and update bundles and all orders with bundles

Moving Inventory

You can execute and track inventory transfers and other inventory movements from Fulfil. 


Scan and receive supplier shipments to reduce errors

Bin Transfers

Easily track moving inventory between overstock and picking

Inter-warehouse transfers

Easily move inventory between warehouses

Cycle Counts

Create and schedule cycle counts in Fulfil to keep your inventory up to date.

Manual counts

Create a count based on categories, products, warehouses

Scheduled counts

Schedule cycle counts to automatically create count requests

Real-time Inventory

Fulfil gives you real-time visibility into your inventory as you sell, receive, and move inventory across all your channels.


Fulfil gives you the ability to accurately sell, track, adjust and produce inventory through real time inventory visibility across the business.

Sales orders

Commit inventory and assign inventory to orders and shipments to reduce quantity available.

Forecasted inventory

Estimate forecasted inventory including supplier shipments and optionally customer returns

Buildable quantity

Estimate quantity that can be built for on the fly bundles and push inventory to sales channels


Full visibility into inventory under production and raw material requirement


Reduce inventory real-time from picking bins to allow quicker replenishments and cycle counting without freezing operations


Find inventory that can be replenished in real time to picking bins from overstock locations

Adjust inventory

Adjust inventory for a single product in a single location (without having to perform full counts)


Reserve inventory manually or automatically

Reserve inventory for prime orders

Automatically reserve inventory for pending prime orders

3PL Integrations

Automatically send and receive inventory information from your 3PLs. Fulfil also allows you to track Amazon FBA inventory.

FBA Inventory

Track Amazon FBA inventory by importing adjustments that Amazon makes into Fulfil

Expected Inventory

Track inventory at the 3PL without depending on 3PLs numbers

Reconciliation counts

Import inventory from 3PLs automatically to create full counts

Channel Sync

Fulfil gives you the ability to send and receive inventory updates across all your channels. You can even control how much inventory is listed across each channel.

Sync inventory

Sync inventory with sales channels like Amazon, Shopify


Reduce inventory pushed to external channels by a percentage or fixed units


Listen to webhooks for inventory updates by warehouse including each listing


Get reports on your inventory to understand everything from stock levels at every location, age, costs and more.

Inventory reports

Get an accurate snapshot of your inventory helping you make data driven business decisions. 

Inventory at warehouse level

Inventory at bin level

Inventory Ageing

Inventory Transactions

Next available date (detailed)

View a full forecast of when inventory would be available next


Track valuation of inventory as of any date

Cost history

Track the history of all cost changes to a product

Planning & Forecasting

Fulfil gives you the tools to plan around and forecast your inventory needs. This allows you to make data driven replenishment decisions. 


Build inventory forecasts based on previous sales data and growth factor. Easily build forecasts from within Fulfil or connect your forecasting system via API or CSV.

Previous period

Build forecasts based on previous period and growth factor

Previous year

Build forecasts based on prior year sales


Connect to forecasting systems to import forecasts over API or CSV files


Build and execute plans to order the right amount of inventory at the right time. 

Inventory planner

Build plans for teams to review gross requirements, planned receipts and forecasted inventory to review what needs to be purchased or produced

Re-order points

Automatically create purchase requisitions or transfer requests based on mins and maxes

Backorder based requisition

Stay lean on inventory by ordering inventory just to fill existing demand from orders

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We love the multiple channel support needed for selling products in multiple places and channels. Fulfil is a system worth looking into.

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Trent Banwart
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Fulfil is a key part of us being able to do our mission of saving lives and providing peace of mind for everybody. We would not be on same day shipping without Fulfil.

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Mark Mason
Director of IT

Automation through Fulfil has easily saved us 2-3x what we pay for Fulfil every year. After only 8 months into our launch with Fulfil, we had already recouped our costs for multiple years

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Shaun Linderbaum

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