How CANVAS Style Builds Trust and Loyalty with Customers Using Fulfil


CANVAS Style is a wholesale and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) fashion brand based out of San Antonio, Texas, founded and led by husband and wife duo Michelle and Davin Shaw. 

The CANVAS Style story started out in 2005, when the Shaws decided to convert a room above their garage into a workspace to build out their business dreams. They started humbly, spending their evenings and weekends creating jewelry samples to sell via private label and wholesale. Two years later, their dream had become a full-time reality. Both Michelle and Davin were in a position to quit their day jobs, hire their first employee, and they moved into their very own 2,000 sqft office space.

Over the next 9 years, the Shaws continued to grow their wholesale business, quickly outgrowing their 2,000 sqft office space and adding their own warehousing facility. In 2016, they officially launched their business under the CANVAS Style brand at the Atlanta Gift Show. Within their first month of operating, CANVAS Style saw over $1 million dollars in sales. Within a year, they had shipped their first order to Nordstrom as well as opened up a showroom location in Manhattan.

At the heart of CANVAS Style has always been the goal to empower women to feel more confident, and put-together.

“We believe women should be able to treat themselves with quality accessories that bring smiles to their faces without feeling guilty about their purchases. That’s why creating high-quality, easy to pair & wear pieces at a guilt-free price is at the core of everything we do at CANVAS Style.” 

- Michelle Shaw, Founder and CEO

By 2018, it was time to evolve the business once again. To further live out their mission, CANVAS Style introduced a DTC channel in 2018, driving more growth for the brand and the eventual move in 2019 into their current 12,500 sqft office and warehouse.


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