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Gain greater visibility into your manufacturing processes to control costs while increasing production efficiency.

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Support made to order goods at scale

From sale to production, Fulfil enables you to be able to take made to order and custom product sales that directly integrates into the production process. By leveraging Fulfil’s open API to automate the production process of made to order goods you can reduce the time to delivery for your custom products.

Execute any size production run

The steps you take to complete a production run can vary depending on the size of the run. Using Fulfil’s production app, you can schedule and prioritize tasks for operators to work out of depending on the production run. The app ensures production runs are executed effectively and efficiently at every step no matter how complex they are.

Manage and track raw materials

Raw materials can have multiple inputs, units of measures, and can also vary across each bill of material. Fulfil gives you the options to manage and track each input accurately so you always have visibility into inventory available.

Understand all production costs and variables

It can be time consuming and difficult to account for each variable cost during the production process. Fulfil’s production app gives you visibility into production variables like: time spent in production, quantity of raw materials used and raw materials wasted at each step of the production process.

Production Control

Fulfil gives you full control of the production process from management of raw materials to the optimization of activities needed to produce your products.

Bills of Materials (BOM)

Create, manage, and customize your bills of materials in Fulfil.

Manage BOMs

Manage multiple bills of materials per product


Manage substitutions for individual inputs

Quantity buildable

Track the availability of required materials


Create multi-level product recipes with subassemblies

Version control

Manage versions of BOMs and lock for edits


If you outsource some of the manufacturing work, you can route and track these production steps against the outsourced work order in Fulfil.

Multiple routings per BOM

Multiple paths (in-house vs outsourced) for each BOM

Insourced and Outsourced steps

Track outsourced work


Track and assign work orders to operators in Fulfil.

Track operators on work orders

Assign work orders to operators

Work Orders

Create, manage and track each step of the production process in Fulfil.

Work order (or w/o work order)

Flexibility to track production at inventory level and optionally at task level

Track time on work orders

Manufacturing time tracking to evaluate time spent on tasks

Start work by scanning QR codes

Track time efficiently by allowing operators to start and stop operations by scanning QR codes

Use mobile app to start/stop

Easy to use mobile UI to start and stop work orders

Real-time status tracking

Get real-time production status overview info from the floor-level

Sales orders to work orders linking

For production order for made on order items, see related production order associated with the sales order and line item

Re-work of production orders

Allow reworking of production steps if quality issues are found


Track one or more steps where work is outsourced within the same production order

Paper based flows

Fulfil allows you to track your paper based flows like pick lists, timesheets, work orders and more.

Picking lists

Pick raw materials for production orders with pick tickets

Routing sheets

Use routing sheets that track production items through routing steps

Work orders

Issue work orders for insourced and outsourced steps of a production order


Track time digitally or on paper to accurately track labor costs

Consolidated picking lists

Pick raw materials in bulk for multiple production orders at once

Shop Floor Control

With Fulfil’s mobile app, you can manage, track and optimize your production process on the production floor.


Fulfil gives you the ability to scan to pick or manually record your picking during the manufacturing process.

Ready to pick

Get a snapshot view of all production orders that are ready to run and need inventory of raw materials to be picked

Scan to pick

Scan and verify the right raw materials are picked for production orders

Tasks app

Fulfil has a dedicated touch screen user interface that allows your floor staff to record their production steps throughout the manufacturing process.

Dedicated touch screen UI

Dedicate touch screen and mobile interface to manage operations

Start, pause and resume

Start, pause and resume tasks as a shop floor operator direct from the app

Personalization and customization

View personlization and customization request from order directly on the work order


Add notes to work orders while operation is in progress


Cut down on manufacturing time by grouping steps or the production of goods in Fulfil.


Fulfil allows you to track all costs associated with the production of your goods giving you an accurate view of your real inventory costs.

Cost Tracking

Track the costs of inputs like labor and material to understand your full cost of goods in Fulfil.

Material costs

Track cost of inputs

Labor costs

Track labor costs from time or cycles

Integrated accounting

Automatically track your costs throughout the production process. Whether your inventory is still in the manufacturing process or completed, Fulfil will give you a full picture of your costs and materials used so you can accurately account for your costs.

Real-time WIP asset

Real-time tracking of WIP asset account value

Automatic release

Release customer orders as production orders are completed

Track actual material use

Track actual consumption whether it is less than BOM or higher

Real-time weighted average cost

Automatic product cost updates after each production run

Inventory control

Auto generate and track lot numbers when production orders are completed. See your inventory in real time pre and post production.

Lot number generation

Auto generate lot numbers when production orders are completed

Lot number tracking

Track lot number of raw materials used

Real-time inventory

Track real time inventory for raw materials and produced items

Raw material reservation

Reserve inventory of raw materials for production orders before actual run of production orders

Special Use Cases

Fulfil can help streamline your unique manufacturing needs like screen printing, engraving, repairs and maintenance.

Screen printing and DTG

Keep track of your blank inventory, labor time and batch by style when using Fulfil to manage your screen printing production process.

Track blank inventory

Track inventory of blank shirts and calculate quantity of sellable shirts from blank inventory

Track labor time

Track labor time for printing in bulk or for each custom item

Batch by style

Batch operations by design for efficient just in time printing based on demand

Engraving and Etching

Use Fulfil to send information to your engraving or etching system to streamline the production process of your made to order goods.

Integrate with laser

Use Fulfil API to integrate with lasers

100% Open API

Use Fulfil’s 100% Open API to optimize any part of your production process. Create production orders, watch order status, create customer approval workflows and more.

Create production orders

Create production order over the API and connect to external planning tools

Watch order status

Track production order status over the API

Customer approval workflows

Obtain design approval from customers and use approvals to authorize work orders

repairs & Maintenance

Create and track repair orders in Fulfil.

Repair orders

Create repair orders for warranty repair

Removal of items

Track removal of components from repair and optionally refund customers for removed components

Add spares

Add components during repair and optionally invoice the customer for the components

Invoice services and items

Invoice customers for services (labor, shipping) and/or components used in repair

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We love the multiple channel support needed for selling products in multiple places and channels. Fulfil is a system worth looking into.

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Trent Banwart
Head of Marketing

Fulfil is a key part of us being able to do our mission of saving lives and providing peace of mind for everybody. We would not be on same day shipping without Fulfil.

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Mark Mason
Director of IT

Automation through Fulfil has easily saved us 2-3x what we pay for Fulfil every year. After only 8 months into our launch with Fulfil, we had already recouped our costs for multiple years

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Shaun Linderbaum

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