From Ribbons to Face Masks and Beyond, HairBow Center Celebrates over 7 Years of Growth on Fulfil


In 2008, Kristi Banwart, with a passion for crafting and entrepreneurship, started selling craft supplies at craft shows. If there were extras leftover after the shows, Kristi would sell her excess supplies on eBay. It didn’t take long before she and her husband, Trent, realized there was a growing market for the supplies themselves, and an opportunity for them to explore.

In 2009, HairBow Center was born. It started small: the Banwarts bought products from US wholesalers, had them shipped to their home, and then would cut them down into smaller packages in their family’s basement to sell them online through a simple website they had built and managed for $7 / month to the at-home crafter.

Before long, Kristi pitched the idea that they should start developing their own product line, to increase the quality of their product offerings and the professionalism of their brand. They found a manufacturer in China and took a leap of faith: ordering $35,000 worth of ribbon and practically maxing out their line of credit.

I had calculated that it was going to take us 12 or 13 years to sell all that ribbon at our current rate of sales, but, it was a leap of faith and it turned out to be the right move. We actually had to reorder our ribbon within 4, 5, 6 months - something like that - we had to order more.

- Trent Banwart, CEO of HairBow Center

At this point, the Banwart’s basement was optimized for picking and packing orders, and soon became a daily place of employment for the early HairBow Center team members to fulfill orders. When the semi-trucks started tearing up their residential neighborhood on a regular basis to drop shipments to the Banwarts, they knew they were outgrowing their current operations and built their own HairBow Center warehouse.

By 2010, they had gone from operating out of their basement with one supplier, to bringing on 10 suppliers in China, the US, and Taiwan – plus, they were selling more than just ribbons. Their product mix now included other supplies as well such as elastics, headbands, flowers, and more.


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