eCommerce Merchants Can Now Save Time Managing Global Payments and Grow Their Business with Fulfil

TORONTO, Ontario, March 10, 2022 – Fulfil, an ERP designed specifically to help eCommerce brands manage and scale their operations, recently announced the release of a new partnership with global business-to-business payment solution Veem, greatly reducing the time and management required throughout a merchant's accounts payables process.

Ecommerce merchants manage thousands of suppliers, invoices, and supplier payments, with dozens of invoices coming in each week needing attention. Most often, merchants facilitate their payments through multiple disconnected tools, requiring resource intensive software management and leading to error-prone, manual data entry to pay vendors and internally track each invoice’s status.

This creates significant inefficiencies for accounting professionals at scale, as they move between their ERP and their banking or payment platforms, risking the accuracy of payment updates and extending timelines through tedious work.

With this integration partnership, Fulfil allows merchants to move seamlessly to the Veem simple, intuitive platform to manage payables, automating the end-to-end process for approval workflows, payment processing and tracking, as well as supplier notifications–while payment information is synced back into Fulfil.

“We’ve heard from merchants that paying suppliers, especially using ACH and wires, is important,” said Sharoon Thomas, CoFounder and CEO at Fulfil. “Merchants have previously had to do this manually from their bank logins and other clunky steps. With Veem, we are making supplier payments native to the Fulfil workflow and enabling merchants to pay suppliers from directly within Fulfil.”

What this means for Fulfil users is that they now have access to a powerful, integrated solution that will allow them to:

Dedicate more time to supplier relationships and value-add work, rather than tedious, inefficient tasks by centralizing and automating the entire payables process and automatically reconciling with Fulfil

Save money, trips to the bank and eliminate paper checks with flexible, digital payment options like credit card, wallet, ACH, wires and more, that cover both domestic and international payments

Increase visibility and better control cash flow and payment timelines with payment trackers that offer real-time, payment transparency

Take advantage of a fast and seamless implementation and set-up; Veem payments in Fulfil can be established within minutes

“Merchants today are looking for a seamless and integrated payments experience that works alongside other existing digital tools,” said Marwan Forzley, CEO of Veem. “As the move to digital payments ushers in a new phase for how merchants pay and get paid, this partnership will help create a viable solution that’s easy to use, giving business owners the opportunity to focus on actually doing business and worry less about payment transactions.”

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