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Import Orders Seamlessly

Save time you spend on copy pasting order information

Why spend hours copy-pasting order information from magento when Fulfil.IO can do that for you ? Order items, payments, discounts and bundles are automatically brought in for you - ready to pick, pack and ship. Once, you ship, Fulfil.IO will update magento with the tracking number and magento then updates your customer.

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Multiple Stores ? No problem!

More Stores, more Fun, less pain!

Multiple stores, multiple website or completely separate magento instances? We have it all covered! Having regional stores ? We've got you covered with multi-currency, multi-language support.

Multi-Channel Order Management

Integrated shipping

Pack, Label, Ship from one interface!

Whether you ship ten orders a day or ten thousand orders a day, whether you pick in waves or pick individually, whether you print labels before or after, we have it all covered. Have a special shipping need unique to your company ? We'd love to build it in! Did you know that you could change Fulfil.IO to work for you ?

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Intelligent Inventory Management

Any warehouse - real-time inventory

Whether you have a single warehouse or many, or a third party fulfilment facility, Fulfil.IO helps you manage inventory across warehouses. And, of course Fulfil.IO remembers where that SKU you ship once in a month is, because you shouldn't have to.

Multi-Channel Order Management

Built-in Accounting

Handle Bookkeeping like a Pro!

Fulfil.IO’s powerful accounting software makes bookkeeping feel like a breeze. That's because you don't have to do anything special to do accounting. Orders and payments from magento are automatically posted to account books as invoices and receipts. Is your CPA looking for quick books ? We export to quickbooks so you can avoid the argument.

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Omni-channel Fulfillment

Why not let the customer pick up from the nearest store ?

Have physical stores and want to let your customers to pick that shipment from store ? No problem, change the fulfilment mode to pick and reserve the inventory in store.

Multi-Channel Order Management

Drop Shipping

Receive orders on Magento. Alert suppliers. Fulfil by Dropship. Repeat!

Harness the power Fulfil.IO and magento integration gives you! With a quick setup, Fulfil.IO lets you notify your customers’ orders directly to supplier. The supplier then fulfils the commitments. The consequence, significant efficiency for you, your customers and your suppliers!

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Reporting and Analytics

Analytics that Empowers!

Make informed decisions based on Fulfi.IO’s powerful reporting tools! Get detailed aggregates on products by individual channels, timespans and outlets. Use this information as leverage for making decisions about how much of what to buy. With information handy at your fingertips, you can take wiser decisions for monitoring outbound deliveries.

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