BraceAbility is growing 40% year over year while saving $100,000 in operational costs with Fulfil's workflow automation


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BraceAbility is on the mission of helping people manage their pain, and help them get back to life. They sell a variety of braces that support the everyday person and athletes alike.

BraceAbility functions as an omni-channel retailer, selling through Shopify, Amazon and dropshipping. However, they found that each additional channel compounded their operations complexity. Without a single system that oversaw all inventory and orders, their shipping times were delayed, which meant customers had to wait longer to receive their order, and their Amazon on-time ship rate was hit.

BraceAbility employees were also stuck doing repetitive and time consuming tasks that could otherwise be used for customer experience. Since making the switch to Fulfil for their order and warehouse management, BraceAbility has automated many of their workflows which has saved them over 5000 hours over the year, and enabled them to get their products to their customer faster with same day shipping.


“Automation through Fulfil has easily saved us 2-3x what we pay for Fulfil every year. After only 8 months into our launch with Fulfil, we had already recouped our costs for multiple years”

Shaun Linderbaum, CEO

The Challenge

BraceAbility is on the mission of helping people manage their pain, and help them get back to life. Since then, they've sold over 500,000 braces across the United States and were ranked #753 on’s 2017 ranking of the 5000 fastest growing American companies.

Using an omni-channel operations strategy, BraceAbility sells through Shopify, Amazon, dropshipping and wholesale. While providing variety of channels to purchase online has made for a great experience for customers, internally, a disparate and fragmented enterprise resource planning solution was creating slowdowns for employees and operations.

What was meant to bring harmony and insight, often left customer service employees stuck doing repetitive time consuming tasks, which created massive inefficiencies internally. Externally, a lack of proper inventory oversight meant slow shipping times and manually processing dropshipping orders - all  of which required manual human intervention.

These problems were slowing down operations at BraceAbility, and more importantly, giving their customers a negative shopping experience. What BraceAbility needed was a system that provided complete inventory and order  management oversight, giving them a single source of truth.

Key Challenges
  • Disparate management systems creating inventory issues which led to slow shipping
  • Employees stuck doing repetitive and time-consuming tasks


“BraceAbility was stuck on systems that we've been using for 5 years, and we had really reached the point where our growth could no longer scale.”

Shaun Linderbaum, CEO


BraceAbility needed a revamp of how they handled their internal operations, starting with a modern inventory and order management system, which is where Fulfil stepped in. With Fulfil, operations were no longer a hindrance. BraceAbility got time back to focus on growing the business instead of worrying about operations and dealing with problems of scale.

When orders were placed with Fulfil in the backend, every type of order was automatically flagged and sent to appropriate parties, whether it was a dropship, Amazon, or warehouse order. What took minutes and required human intervention, was now fully automated and completed in seconds.  This freed their customer experience employees to get back to what they were hired to do: give their customers an exceptional experience.

BraceAbility is also using Fulfil’s automation capabilities, by writing their own programs that interface with Fulfil using its 100% open API. They've connected dropshipping orders on Amazon with Fulfil, to automatically send customers their tracking number the moment its available, which has skyrocketed their shipped on-time metric and increased customer satisfaction on Amazon. Currently, they sit at a 98% 5-star rating.


Automation and proper order and inventory oversight provided by Fulfil has allowed BraceAbility to focus on their growth, and given their employees the freedom to go back to serving their customers a delightful experience.

BraceAbility is projected to grow by 40% in 2019 - they expect to sell 350 000 braces this year, up from 250 000 in 2018.


“Since launching with Fulfil, our order to completion process cycle time has decreased dramatically, we are able to get most orders out same day. On top of that, we've been able to automate a ton of processes that previously had to be done by humans. We're saving around 5000 hours a year with automation.”

Shaun Linderbaum, CEO