How Fulfil Helps Grunt Style Delight their Customers at Scale


Grunt Style is a DTC American brand that has experienced significant growth over the last five years. Powered by close to two hundred American veterans and founded in the spirit of military pride, Grunt Style creates high quality apparel for Americans and continues to delight a growing number of customers every year. 

Grunt Style is passionate about providing a quality product and exceptional experience to their customers, and they do this at scale. But back-track a few years and you learn that it wasn’t always easy to deliver this way.

This modern DTC brand learned the hard way that a fragmented fulfillment stack can be one of the biggest challenges to scale. Over the last 6 years, Grunt Style has doubled their employee headcount and moved from operating out of a small, single location in Illinois (which did everything from production to fulfillment to administration), to having three locations across the US with specialized facilities. In order to manage this growth and continue to deliver on a delighting customer experience, they sought out business and software systems that could handle their evolution. From attempting multiple enterprise implementations, to dealing with issue-prone middleware, soliciting external consultants to support open-source platforms, and piecing together disjointed software, Grunt Style struggled to create a business system that fit.

And that’s why they needed Fulfil.

Since 2019, while Grunt Style’s priorities have remained the same, their execution has looked a lot different, thanks to Fulfil. In July of 2019, Grunt Style signed a statement of work and two months later, they were live on a new ERP system that added significant efficiencies to their existing workflows and set them up for future growth. 


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